The increasing demands of technology, together with the continuing demands for improved service levels, is placing significant pressure on the Corporate ICT department who is still struggling to deliver end to end services whilst at the same time controlling their Service Support costs. This often leads to the situation where the business perceives the ICT department as a ‘black hole’ that consumes endless amounts of cash without delivering any real value to the business. To counteract this, ICT departments introduce a mix of in-source & outsource business models, as they seek to manage supplier relationships, service levels and continuity of service across multiple departments, divisions and geographical regions.

But has the ICT department’s strategy been aligned
to the Business?
This alignment is often difficult to find, if it exists at all.

It is for this reason that Transcend has developed and implemented a tried and tested consultancy framework that is underpinned by the BS 15000 Standard. This encapsulates ITIL and eTOM best practices and allows ICT Directors & Managers to take control of the creation, delivery and support of their ICT infrastructure in a way that enables them to deliver on the company’s business objectives.

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